Is there a plan for Sunnyside Yard? What will be built there?

There is no plan for Sunnyside Yard -- yet. We are in the middle of an 18-month process to collectively develop a plan for the site and determine what would be built there over many decades, and we need your input!

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Who is creating the plan?

While the City and Amtrak are leading the overall Master Planning Process, a multidisciplinary technical team was selected to create the plan - guided by the community engagement process and Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is a group of Citywide and local stakeholders including elected officials, local community leaders, civic organizations, and institutions to shape the vision for Sunnyside Yard. Visit Our Team to learn more

The short answer is, we don’t know yet. As part of the master planning process, we will be identifying the scope and timing for early phase of development, but none of that is determined yet so stay involved to help us figure that out!

When will Sunnyside Yard be built?

Will the Master Plan address transportation issues already faced by Western Queens?

We know, through your feedback and our analyses, that transportation is a major issue in western Queens and we are taking that very seriously. The Master Planning Process includes transportation planning and is studying a wide range of potential solutions to help ease current and anticipated transportation pressures. We are also collaborating closely with the MTA, as they are already working to address some of the transportation issues in Western Queens.

How will Sunnyside Yard affect infrastructure in Western Queens (e.g. electrical grid, sewage, etc.)?

We know that infrastructure is an important issue to people in this area and are studying that carefully. Any future project would be designed to make sure it didn’t negatively impact the existing infrastructure/services. Moreover, a project at Sunnyside Yard has the opportunity to model new sustainable technologies and approaches to energy generation, water and sewer collection and treatment, etc. New approaches piloted here may also have the potential to be adopted more widely across NYC.

What is the Sunnyside Yard Feasibility Study?

a. What was the purpose?

The feasibility study sought to assess whether it was possible, technically, to deck over the railyard, and then build structures - such as housing, parks, institutions, and retail, and community spaces – on top of it. No one had ever done a technical study in the past.

b. What were the findings?

The study revealed that building a deck is possible over the majority of the Yard – about 80 to 85%. It tested a few hypothetical test cases to understand the scope of possibility, but did not propose a plan. It revealed that building a deck is feasible but complicated, and a formal planning process with robust community engagement was needed to develop a plan.

c. How does it differ from the Master Planning Process?

The Master Plan builds off the technical findings of the Feasibility Study. But it takes a fresh look at the site in partnership with local and regional stakeholders to create affordable housing, open space, transportation, schools and more in Western Queens.