City Wants Your Ideas For A Sunnyside Yard Megaproject

If Queens had an open space the size of 180 football fields, what would you do with it? That's what the city wants to know Tuesday at a public meeting to brainstorm ideas for Sunnyside Yard, a megaproject that envisions a 180-acre parcel of new land built over one of the busiest train yards in the United States. 

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Isha Patel
First Meeting on Future of Sunnyside Yards Finds Some Wary of Overdevelopment

The city held its first public meeting Wednesday night about the future development of Sunnyside Yards, an active 180-acre rail yard in western Queens which officials say could be decked over to create a potential site for new housing, schools, parks and other needed infrastructure—though some community members say they’re worried about the impact such a massive project could have on surrounding neighborhoods.

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