Sunnyside Yard Master Planning Process

What is Sunnyside Yard? 

Sunnyside Yard has been a critical piece of railroad infrastructure for over a century. Today it is one of the busiest rail yards in the country and a key train storage yard and maintenance hub for Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor. It also serves New Jersey Transit and Long Island Rail Road, which is developing storage tracks and maintenance facilities there as part of its East Side Access Project. The majority of the 180-acre yard is owned by Amtrak, with a large portion also owned by the MTA with City air rights.

Sunnyside Yard by the numbers:

  • Sunnyside Yard was built in 1910 by Pennsylvania Railroad

  • Sunnyside Yard is 7,000 feet long from East to West, and varies in width from 400 feet to 1,500 feet

  • It houses critical servicing and maintenance facilities and 32 active storage tracks, used throughout the day by New Jersey Transit and Amtrak for trains originating or terminating at Penn Station

  • Sunnyside Yard also contains one of the most highly trafficked sections of rail and one of the busiest railroad junctions in the country

  • 780 trains run through the yard each day, even more will come through the yard once East Side Access is completed

  • Currently 92 Amtrak trains are stored and serviced Sunnyside Yard each day

  • Currently 92 trains are using Sunnyside Yard each day

  • Currently 805 Amtrak employees are based at Sunnyside Yard

Amtrak and MTA are undertaking critical capital investments in its rail infrastructure that only happens roughly once in a century, outlined in the map to the right. This offers a unique moment for the City and railroads to coordinate together on long-term planning for the future of the yard. See What is the Sunnyside Yard Master Planning Process and FAQs to learn more about the process.

Ownership and Rail Activities in Sunnyside Yard